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The year that was...

There's something about watching the sun shine fluidly over the waves that slowly build up, hang in there for just a fraction of a second, then crash, foam and recede, that gets one thinking about the nitty-gritties of life. Now, I'm no philosopher or poet but I can't help being forced to reflect on time gone by when the year comes to an end. Tumultuous year, this one's been, with lots of twists and turns. Getting past the boards and entrances, all the hard work put in, getting a college of my choice, not getting to keep some people I desperately wanted but also meeting a batch of absolutely crazy new friends...yeah, it's been an eventful year. I'm thankful for all that I've been given, heartbroken about the things taken away, but one thing I've learned is for sure: Life goes on. We move on. Go more places, see more things. Learn to forgive but never quite forget... Yeah, life goes on. Things change. But a few will always stay the same... Fare thee well…

Lumia FTW \m/

Yes, stolen from some random place on the web(but then, isn't everything?).
However, is allegedly authentic!
This picture would make HTC and S III users who've been going on about how absolutely wonderful their handsets are and how Nokia has just "lost it's touch" and"become incompetent" run and hide.
Bloody brilliant autofocus, that.
The iPhone 5, too, holds it's placethanks to it being...well, Apple.
But, still.